Selected Pet Games

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New Pet Games

  1. Tom and Angela Haircuts Tom and Angela Haircuts Talking cat, Tom, we know as the newest games with us. Moreover, in this game, accompanied by her cute cat named Angela. First of all, we need to choose between Angela and Tom. After the game, the selection in the menu on the left and right sections of w using our character, cutting off their hair in such a way that we want, we're doing a beautiful design. We want to shape their character's hair right after the painting by using the menu and are completing the first stage of the game.The second phase includes the option to utilize her glasses and tie accessories, such as general appearance by wearing it to be good and we provide them. In order to complete the game in under the right hand side of the screen click on the pink button next. Tom and Angela have a fun game of the haircut.
  2. Horse Cleaning Horse Cleaning Horse Cleaning
  3. Baby Hazel Parrot Care Baby Hazel Parrot Care Hazel baby and we have provided control of the game character named Parrot us to try what you want baby, Hazel, the playing field by directing. To play the game with the mouse controls your instructions correctly, you are going to work to please baby by performing. You must complete the game by doing all these operations into the game with high scores. The installation of this game is to be the first to be able to log in. Following the completion of our installation process by clicking the play button, you can perform your listing. Have Fun.
  4. Strawberry Shortcake and Cat Strawberry Shortcake and Cat Strawberry Shortcake and her cat to be able to log in to the game, you need to click on the PLAY button. Much loved by the girls Strawberry girl on our site with a great game. First, we start the game with players clean up her cat. We need to get to the bathroom very dirty Kitty out there right now. Temizlediğiniz, the cat will be coming to you after Strawberry girl. Using the categories we gave Strawberry girl and you've got to do the best for the cat's preferences. Game play with the help of the mouse. Have Fun!
  5. Kitty Grooming Saloon Kitty Grooming Saloon Cat Care to be able to log in to PLAY the game by clicking to get ready to play the game on a long cat. When you come to your game screen will come across you will clear the dirty wash the cat. After washing your hair to dry then brush with feathers. Then cut out of nails, brush your teeth. The cat that contains different tasks simply use mouse to play our game. After taking care of her cat ribbons adorned with leashes. Category, related to play the game more visit our cat. Have Fun.
  6. 3D Pets Care 3D Pets Care Girls will love this game. Everything is so real. 3D animal care to a game of you should click on the button to be able to input ">" . Pets care do you have an Office that you and your customers will care for animals from your Office ... and you try to make them happy. All cleanup task at the end of your owner's coming to get him. You will be paying. You are going to work to achieve the highest revenue. Constantly new clients will come to your Office. Note that each animal has different forms of care. Game play with the mouse.
Our cute animals from each category that will help them do what they want. You can dress them up, you can feed, you can wash it and can do a lot. Good luck.